Whilst we have been closed, Davin has been busy creating our new website After starting the business 10 years ago, we have decided to rebrand ourselves from Pressed 4 Time to D & K Cleaning.

Being closed has allowed us to ensure our brand is in keeping with who we are. A local & family run business that provides a quality cleaning & laundry services to customers within our local areas.

We are hoping to open again shortly but only when the guidance from the government changes and it is safe enough to do so. We will ensure that we are following all safety guidance such as social distancing whilst we are working.

An email will be sent to all of our existing customers closer to reopening about the changes we will be making to our services to ensure this.

In the meantime, we are asking our existing customers to like and share our Facebook page with friends and families.

We also plan to add a testimonial section to our website. If you could spare 5 minutes to write a testimonial for our website and send this to [email protected]

Any help you can offer us in terms of sharing our Facebook page or providing us with a testimonial will help us to build our business back up.

Thank you,


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