Our Beginnings Were Humble

My name is Karen and I setup my ironing business in 2010 shortly after returning from maternity leave, with the help of my husband.

Wanting to spend some quality time with my new baby daughter, I looked-for part-time work to suit the hours I wanted, that would fit around my new family. Unfortunately, there was nothing available.

At that time, my friend was sending her clothes to the launderette to be ironed, she did not have time to do this herself due to working full time and she wanted to spend her evenings with her family, not doing the ironing or other chores.

Her ironing often came back from the launderette still creased and she was unhappy with the service received. To earn a little extra money, I offered to do her ironing. I knew I could do this to a much better standard than the launderette she had been using.

Knowing how delighted my friend was, I began to think how many other people would be looking for a good quality ironing service. I asked my husband to help me create some flyers and we posted them around Keighley and Bingley with the help of our friends.

After this my husband started to research how to create a website knowing people would be looking online for similar services, he then set out to create my first website. Luckily, he still likes to help me with the business and still looks after the website.

In 2012 We Started Our Cleaning Service

As the business started to grow, customers started asking me to clean their homes as they were delighted with the standards I had set with the ironing.

It was at this point I asked Janet my mother in-law to join my business and help me with the cleaning service as it was too much to be able to do on my own.

Janet has years of experience working in the local hospital and is someone I knew I could trust to offer the same quality cleaning service as I provided to my ironing customers. This is a level of service I have worked hard to achieve and do not want this to slip.

The company blossomed and grew beyond mine or my husband's expectations. I now employ 6 other cleaners and customers often see me helping with their cleans. This helps me to guarantee that the standards do not slip from the levels I have always supplied and built my business reputation on.

Karen the owner of D&K Cleaning - Ironing & Laundry

Karen Smith

Karen started the business back in 2010 with the help of her husband.